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About South of Gurgaon

Gurgaon continuesto grow and is a city that is known as one of the biggest financial and IT hubs in the country. Gurgaon has a lot to offer its inhabitants, and is of late expanding into newer areas of high-potential growth & development. South of Gurgaon (Greater Gurgaon), also known as Sohna, is one such new destination that almost every real estate company is focused on today.

South of Gurgaon offers you the best of Gurgaon and so much more. This location has a beautiful environment that is low on pollution and high on greenery. Along with affordable Properties in South of Gurgaon, this is where you will also feel and enrich your soul with a beautiful touch of Mother Nature that you will deeply appreciate. Perfectly located, South of Gurgaon provides fast connectivity to other cities in the National Capital Region like Faridabad, Gurgaon, South Delhi and Noida in the shortest amount of time possible and its upcoming projects like the Badshahpur Flyover, Metro, Kundli-Manesar-Palwar By-Pass, Delhi-Mumbai Freight Corridor and Orbit Rail Corridor will magnify connectivity to a whole new level and reduce travel time even further.

South of Gurgaon is filled with a number of landmarks like schools, colleges, malls, shopping and medical centres, hospitals, restaurants, cinemas, cafes, hotels, ATMs, banks, corporate hubs, all kinds of transport and a lot more to offer total convenience each and every day. You can surely find and access any place in the shortest amount of time possible and without worrying about long journeys.

Why spend more when you can get something better at the same price? South of Gurgaon offers property in South of Gurgaon that is way better than what you can find in Gurgaon and cheaper as well. You will find pure luxury that will revive you each and every day, at a price tag that is unbelievable.

Without a doubt, South of Gurgaon is in the limelight and has a bright future ahead. If you are looking for a new home or a new investment, this is where you got to be. Book your apartment today and live a new life of world-class luxury that is truly divine and definitely worth a purchase.

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We cover all aspects of real-estate transactions, including genuine advice, thorough background checks of the developers, conducting property tours, signing and closing deals, assist in associated legal and home loan procedures. Whether you are a home-seeker or a keen investor, 360 Realtors will ensure that the seemingly cumbersome property acquisition process becomes a piece of cake!




Gurgaon is an incredible city that is constantly developing by the day and there is no doubt about that. This IT and financial hub is a popular part of the National Capital Region and living in Gurgaon has plenty of advantages to it. However, South of Gurgaon (Greater Gurgaon), a place that is also known as Sohna, is the new ‘talk of the town’ today for all the positives that it has to offer in the residential and commercial real estate market as well. South of Gurgaon has a great future ahead and will rise to a whole new level in the years to come, offering the features that Gurgaon offers its inhabitants and a lot more. With enhanced development in infrastructure and high-end connectivity, Sohna is in the limelight and there is a lot that you can expect at this incredible destination that offers the best of the best.

Several real estate companies have shown great interest at this location and have already started purchasing huge acres of land for residential and commercial projects in Sohna, keeping in mind the expected population to grow by 10 times by the year 2031 and the constant development that South of Gurgaon is going through on a large-scale. Let’s not forget the variety of features that this location has to offer.

There are plenty of reasons why South of Gurgaon is in the spotlight today and the upcoming flats/apartments in Sohna are on the mind of plenty of buyers and investors too.The population in Gurgaon keeps increasing yearly with a large number of people shifting to Gurgaon for work and this ultimately leads to more housing necessities at the end of the day. South of Gurgaon is well connected to Gurgaon and this is one of the most important reasons as to why people are looking out for property in South of Gurgaon these days. Not only is it cheaper, but also has a lot more to offer as compared to Gurgaon.

Studies have shown that Delhi is one of the highest air-polluted cities not only in the country, but in the world too. Gurgaon on the other hand is not on the same lines as yet, but it isn’t too far either, even though it has close to 10% of Delhi’s population. South of Gurgaon has a greener environment that is lively and much fresher. You can live the high-life of premium luxury, still breathe clear air and also enjoy the soft touch of nature each and every day. Home to Damdama Lake, Aravali Mountains and several environmentally protected zones, South of Gurgaon is filled with luscious open space and offers a good and healthy living, something that money can’t buy.

Possessing an amazing geographical location, South of Gurgaon can be accessed from all important cities in the National Capital Region. From Gurgaon, to Noida, Faridabad and South Delhi, all locations can be accessed within minutes through National Highways, Expressways, etc. and that is for sure. Upcoming projects like the Metro, Badshahpur Flyover, Orbit Rail Corridor, Kundli-Manesar-Palwar By-Pass and Delhi-Mumbai Freight Corridor will improve connectivity to a whole new level in the future and will shorten travel time even more, to a great extent in-fact. When it comes down to everyday and emergency locations, South of Gurgaon does not fall short of it. You can find a number of schools, colleges, hospitals, medical and research centres, business hubs, malls, shopping centres, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, hotels, banks, ATMs, all kinds of public transport and so much more. It can definitely be stated that South of Gurgaon is beautifully connected to a number of locations and definitely takes away the need for you to travel for hours to get to places and find the things you need.

South of Gurgaon provides the luxury of staying away from the crowded city of Gurgaon and also provides world-class amenities, along with safety and security. Live a life of luxury and peace that you will never run short of. Be it a hectic day at work or just a bad mood, you can always relax and unwind with your family, friends and even neighbours, or you can just spend time with yourself and get lost in the wonders of nature. With beautiful infrastructure, brilliant connectivity and magnificent projects in South of Gurgaonthat are going-on in full-swing by a number of real estate companies that have rooted themselves in South of Gurgaon and many more entering each day, this is very well the new destination that is ready to meet the needs and requirements of everybody looking out for luxury homes at affordable prices. In-fact, who isn’t looking for modern-day luxury residential space that won’t put a load on their wallet anyway? South of Gurgaon is a 10x better version of Gurgaon that is better planned, cleaner and offers better car parking, public transportation and many more civil facilities. It goes without saying that South of Gurgaon is becoming the centre of Gurgaon over the last few years and is catering to affordable segments that are just not as good, but much better than what other parts of the National Capital Region has to offer.

The real estate market of South of Gurgaon will soon turn into a market that is independent and not affected by any kind of price fluctuations and immersion of different projects that are located along the Golf Course Extension Road or Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway. To put it in simple terms, housing projects in the Golf Course Extension Road come at a price tag that is over Rs.11,000 to Rs.12,500 per sq. ft., but property in Sohna still comes at a price tag that is approximately between Rs.5,000 to Rs.6,500 per sq. ft. Now that is what low cost housing is all about!

CMD of Central Park, Amarjit Singh Bakshi said, “The growth on Sohna Road in luxury and ultra-luxury market has also been propelled by NRI segment and investors capitalizing on the appetite in the market for a large number of property options in luxury flats, duplex units, executive apartments and floors, and bungalows. With rising disposable income, changing lifestyle and increasing global exposure, South of Gurgaon has driven the demand for luxury and ultra-luxury homes.”

Be it a buyer or an investor, splendid South of Gurgaon Properties that are surrounded with a beautiful environment and packed with premium luxury features and immense profits are waiting for you and your families. What are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity today and enjoy the best that Sohna has to offer. Purchasing a residential space at this outstanding location is a decision you will never regret. There is no doubt that you can purchase pure luxury at a truly decent price, but the price range will not stay low forever and will gradually rise over time, as the market grows and the buyers increase. Book your apartment now and enjoy the fruit that it shall redeem in the long run!

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